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What is mediation? It concerns a procedure for an extrajudicial conflict resolution.

Under professional guidance, the conflicting sides develop solutions in order to clarify individual points of conflict in a self-determined way. Its aim is to find a long-term binding agreement between the conflicting parties.

Unlike in court procedures, none of the parties is forced to accept a decision. The procedure allows for self-determination and autonomy at any time. Furthermore mediation often leads to savings in time and money.

Mediation lends itself for a number of different areas of law and conflict situations. This is true, for example, with disputes arising from contracts, conflict situations relating to company law also with conflict situations within a company involving individual business units.

Moreover mediation is a voluntary procedure guaranteeing protection of confidence. Information disclosed by the mediants in the course of mediation must therefore not be disclosed to third party nor may they be used in a court procedure against either of those participating in the mediation.

Attorney at law Holger van Ooy is a trained mediator and acts as a neutral agent by creating for the parties the required protected space where they can decide on their own actions and negotiate. We as lawyers are subject to the statutory duty of confidentiality when acting as mediators. The parties themselves agree, at the beginning of the mediation, to observe confidentiality and to release the mediator from his duty to confidentiality but jointly. We will be pleased to give further information on other aspects and fields of application of mediation. Please feel free to contact us.

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